Narcissism – No Frills Intro

by annedeloremusing

Look, am not a doctor. I’m most certainly not a psychologist. I will never, ever pretend to be someone that has come away from my life experience untainted. I know I am damaged, and with every waking day I strive to accept this and adapt in order to make my life less damaged.


I know it makes you feel better when you do, but believe me, they are morphing you into something too….baitmeat.

This may sound like a random thing to say but believe me, the more you read the more you will come to understand that it wasn’t you who made you crazy, it was the Malignant Narcissists in your life that did.

Why? Because you had something they envied. Goodness.

I’m a 34 year old mother and devoted to my new family. I will never return to that. It had such a strong hold on me that I spent my life believing that I was the problem. That there was something seriously, fundamentally wrong with me – that I was innately evil and damaged.

I am damaged. I wasn’t born this way. I became this way. I have finally been freed and now I am working on  damage limitation and progression along the path that was hidden by them. I used to make choices based on the information that I had – you can imagine the choices I made when the only information I had was that I was the devil incarnate.

I was a scapegoat, played right into their hands by becoming a self fulfilling prophecy but now I am here to not only make amends to the people I have hurt along the way but to also share my experiences and understanding for others to maybe read it and have their own awakening moment.

This is my blog. I will reach out and expand my experience over time, you are free to do the same. Together we will draw strength and it is my hope that this strength will infect others to feel strong enough to believe in their own goodness and worth.

The antidote for evil is belief in your goodness and breaking the cycle. They isolated you, tried to destroy you in order to stop you from being good and carry on the cycle through generations and relationships. I say, empower and validate one another…by being human you will conquer.

I will elaborate later what this means but for now know that this shack is open for business and I do mean business.

Welcome to the place where duracell bunnies can energise and leave with a good fighting spirit.