Age of the Narcissist

by annedeloremusing

We are living in a dangerous era. That of the Malignant Narcissist.

I do not say this lightly;  in fact I have wanted to skirt around introducing such a dramatic statement for days now considering that you, the reader, have no idea who I am nor have I really shown you any true basis for you to trust my credentials for knowing this. I have also left quite a number of topics open within the last few posts that still require further thought from myself.

So, why the hurry to introduce this?

This kind of statement has the propensity of undoing any kind of credibility that I may have gathered thus far.  It may further add weight to my readers judgement that I should be taken no more seriously than light entertainment on a boring rainy night while sipping a glass of wine. Alternatively, it may help connect a few more dots for some people.

All I can do is follow my instinct. It is demanding that I write this, so that’s what I will do. Whatever happens after that will be what it needs to be.

This post will centre around the term, the effect this has had and what I propose is the truth.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is within the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders.

The term Narcissism centres around that banal myth about the beautiful little boy who spends his youth flouncing about and shuns the advances of a pretty little ghostie. Revenge is taken upon him by another ghostie, making him spend the rest of his days admiring his own reflection – loving only himself – alone.

Whoever in Higher Authority decided to name Narcissism after the famous little flouncer and then class it as a mental disorder really did know what they were doing.

In one fantastic psychology sweep, evil was given somewhere to hide and flourish while all wrapped up in some cutesy naive wrapping paper.

I would even go so far as to point the finger towards this Higher Authority as being a MN themselves…offering refuge to all ‘his/her’ cronies.

I am appalled that Malignant Narcissism has managed to disguise itself so effectively that it is classed as a ‘disorder’. I am further appalled that these creatures have been protected to such a great extent that should you say to anyone “What do you think Narcissism is?” they will cite this banal myth and no further seriousness will be applied.

Look up Narcissism on the web and you will see for yourself.

Narcissism is generally viewed as some sort of over-inflamed vanity within the ‘beautiful people’ demographic. Sometimes, I hit upon a person who can see that the Narcissist will generally put themselves before others but even then there is a limit to this – there will always be, according to this kind of observer, someone who comes before the Narcissist …there will always be that special someone who the Narcissist places first…there it is again – Anthro-ing.

Generally though, Narcissism isn’t seen as a threat to anyone but to the Narcissist, which only results in harm to others indirectly by not being a ‘team player’. The general consensus is that one day the Narcissist will grow old, lose their looks, lose whatever quality that they have which “made” them a Narcissist and ‘then they will learn, oh how they will learn tut tut silly billy’s.’ 

It – Narcissism – is a term that has become rapidly highly revered as being a quality of the successful, confident, self – esteemed, beautiful and smart people among us. Children are growing up with a skewed sense of what it means – and what it takes – to be successful. Adults are teaching the impressionable next generation that every ‘weak’ emotion should be repressed and confidence is ‘out for yourself at any cost’.

‘Weak’ emotions are those emotions that I will class as innate self defence against Narcissism. Upset, empathy, anger (towards those wrong doers), tears, caring, nurturing, fight or flight etc. are mocked and ridiculed. The sensitive (another term high-jacked  by MN’s and their derivatives to buckle the human qualities and render our defences immobile through self doubt of what our bodies are trying to tell us – danger! danger! danger!) among us are bullied into repressing and hiding these qualities in order to survive the Narcissistic jungle.

The purposeful repression of these ‘weak’ emotions –  through years of oppression and then years of conditioned self repression for the sake of  survival within a Narcissistic environment –  by the Higher Authorities in one’s life and then by oneself (parents are usually first point of contact for human quality repression which then primes the victim for a lifetime of submission towards other MN’s and its derivatives) means that we start to see a surge in “Personality/Character Disorders”  within the Mental Health Field and wider society.

This is because energy can never be destroyed, only transformed. If these ‘weak’ emotions are the very thing that makes a human reach their potential of following their truth path and act as a defence mechanism against harm, then it makes sense that the repression of said qualities against the natural order will result in the corruption of qualities into a manifestation perverted opposites.

Now, let us not forget that I am arguing that it is Malignant Narcissists that are at the top of the Heirarchy. They are, in and of themselves, Malignant masters and have been born like this. There is nothing that we can do to change this as they are part of the natural order just as much as its opposite. What is required is balance and during this era, I am arguing, the MN’s have tipped the scales with many humans falling from their scale into the MN’s.

Narcissists (garden variety) are a by product of the MN’s. They are the foot soldiers, so to speak. They have a place within every facet of our life from media, health, schools, religion, food, celebrity, government, pharmaceutics  etc. etc. For every facet filled with Narcissists there will be at least one MN, related or not to those Narcissists, heading the facet either from up front or behind. Like I said before, they have their own language so MN’s generally do not need to be so overt with their intentions, they build the ground work and then live as a figure head while the Narcissistic working ants ensure it flourishes.

Going back to the Mental Health classifications;

This kind of glossy marginalisation within the general public and the protection within the mental health field by classing it as a ‘disorder’ means that these creatures have succeeded in the ultimate wolves in sheep’s clothing and the complete annihilation of world balance is coming to the forefront.

My assertion is this;

Malignant Narcissism is the cause of all evil within this world. Every known abuse, travesty, perversion and corruption was/is by the hands of MN’s.

Garden variety Narcissism is based on youthful damage by MN’s and its derivatives and generally never recover to join their truth path as they fill their emptiness with ‘false idols’ which leaves them eternally hungry.

Malignant Narcissists are born MN’s. They provide a steady stream of ‘false idol’ meals to the eternally hungry and so, are  protected as being of value.

MN’s and Narcissists create all the other ‘disordered’ people within psychiatry’s DSM through their abuses. The plug monkeys are those quirky, chaotic little crack pots that you ‘either love or hate like Marmite’ and they proclaim ‘this is me, take me or leave me’ in their Narcissistic defensive flouncy way. Borderline Personality, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Depersonalisation, Anti Social, Psychotic, Sociopathic etc. etc.

Sociopathic – I will need to sit on this one for a while before I can commit to this group being a plug monkey.

Psychiatry and those blundering sycophantic idiots below them have effectively lumped in MN’s victims in with their abusers and turned the abusers into victims.

Whether it is one victim or millions, Malignant Narcissism weapon of choice is abuse of others for their own means. 

The reason for abuse is to destroy your good and your truth path. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to destroy good, is to get them when they are young.

They will then go on to spread chaos and if they find themselves in the system (mental health) they will be viewed as the cause and filled with drugs to keep them ‘level’.  Filling these wretched souls with prescribed drugs just ensures that the victim is further blamed, subdued and made to distrust their ‘weak’ human qualities; leaving them at the mercy of the debase.

These poor wretched souls will, at worst live a chaotically destructive life and at best be a walking medicine cabinet with severe esteem issues and a blinkering light above their head saying ‘I’m easy fodder’.

Higher Authorities have you fooled.

Look at it this way.

What do the Higher Authorities gain from lumping in the abusers in with the victims?

Of course, I am not so naive to think that I can sweep everyone in Higher Authority with the MN brush. There are very good people in Authority who have human qualities that can make a difference.

What I am saying is, they are in the minority precisely because of their human qualities. The war isn’t a class issue nor is it a gender issue within gaining Higher Authority positions.

The war is between the inhuman MN’s and those who have human qualities. Human qualities are both a strength and weakness. The weakness is we care for others and want to help one another. The strength is we care for others and want to help one another.

Believe that we live in a Malignant Narcissist era means that one must believe that evil exists. This means that we need to temporarily suspend our human qualities in order to fully grasp this. This is quite impossible for good, kind, decent human beings and I wish for you to keep that close to your hearts and cultivate it.

What I propose is this;

Whether you believe in a God, creator, No God, Humanist, Scientologist etc. The fact is you believe – without 100% infallible proof – and generally, live your life based on this belief. I propose that we have the infallible proof required to state that opposites exist, and a balance is required should we want to avoid extinction. Perhaps, this could be viewed as a Darwinian argument – death of the less evolved – and I am merely fighting for something that has no place in this world anymore…fighting for the Panda, so to speak.

Of course, mutations will happen and they will be apprehended and used for coming generations or disregarded but my argument is that on a macro level (Universal) things are never completely extinct. They transform and move on. On a micro level, it will be viewed as extinction, finale, final curtains.

Human qualities have not ceased to be useful, they are just being plundered and corrupted by a majority and one needs to believe again in worth and potential to fulfil that worth with integral honesty.

Evil (for want of a better word, of course) is a natural state of being. Good (again, for want of a better word) is also, a natural state of being. 

Evil do not see themselves as threats, because they are non threatening to themselves. They do not see themselves as evil i.e. harmful/destructive. They are just being honest to their path.

They are following their own ‘truth path’. For our own self preservation, that of being their opposite, it is our purpose to maintain a balance and live alongside the opposite but never allow an over run of the opposite to tip the scales.

Correcting my past assertion; Evil flourishes in the absence of truth. Truth flourishes in the absence of evil. So it would make perfect sense that the battle is with the goal of flourishing.

Presently, the balance is in their favour.

So, what do I suggest that we do?

Follow their lead.

Yes, you heard me. Follow their lead.

MN’s/derivatives will never back down, will never switch off, will never compromise. They follow their path with such loyalty (the only loyalty that you will see from them) and dogged determination that we, find ourselves in the era that we do.

We need to stand firm, stand consistent, never compromise our goodness. We need to follow our own truth path with such loyalty and determination that we open up a new era of human potential. We need to take our power back.

We won’t be able to completely eradicate evil, the opposite, but by consistently denying our truth path we are allowing the opposite to over run and work towards a nothing – ness that will ultimately destroy everything, including themselves.

Just try and do something that is in line with your truth path. Cultivate your goodness and believe in yourself. Listen to your inner soul and follow it. Protect and reciprocate.

The battle may be winning for them but the war isn’t over.