The Chameleon Deception

by annedeloremusing

This post will concentrate on chameleon deception by MN’s and their derivatives. Please refer here and also, here where I have previously touched upon the topic.

Within nature, the chameleon has the characteristic of being able to change colour to blend into the background whenever they feel threatened or wish to display how they are feeling. Not every type of chameleon can do this, however, for the sake of this argument let us concentrate on the type that can.

Another characteristic is independently moving  eyes and an extending suction type tongue.

Transfer these characteristics to what I call, chameleon deception, and you will see why I have named it as thus.

I will now take each characteristic and show you exactly what I mean.

Changing and adapting oneself to blend in to the background and appear just like its surroundings, has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, if a MN/Narcissist feels like they have been cornered – that someone has just caught on to what they have been doing (either in one isolated incidence or in general) – then the easiest way to divert focus of their predatory ways is by showing themselves as “just like you”.

This, in malignant terms, means they will feign the emotions that you, the good person has and that they know you, the good person, will recognise and forgive. The objective is for you to self doubt and deny the reality that these creatures are not as wicked as you thought. To get you to mistrust your instincts is one of the top attacks ploys of these creatures.

Secondly, if a MN or Narcissist appears ‘normal’ and appeals to your humanity this means that they are hiding their true motive; an attack in the very near future. The more ‘normal’ they appear and the closer you are to feeling connected to them, the sooner this attack will be.

Thirdly, if they require something that you have then this can be done fairly easily if they blend into the background and do it covertly. This can be seen a lovely, warm, receptive facade in front of others while making horrendous attacks on you as a person under the radar – attacks that you would only be privy to…attacks that others may join in due to ignorance that the MN/Narcissist is like them. A blending into the background could camouflage them but could make you see a threat everywhere. An inability to differentiate between the ‘background’ and the enemy means you could mark everything as being the enemy and further isolate yourself.

Independently moving eyes means, in MN/Narcissist terms, that these creatures play the long game. They use the past and project the future with the middle as chess pieces to however they want the future to manifest. They take in the environment in its entirety and are master manipulators to getting what they want. Do not think for one minute that because you are out of sight, you are out of mind. If it takes one day or twenty years – if you are in their heads, you will be in their hands.

The long, sticky and highly effective tongue, within the MN/Narcissist arena, means that they generally do not have to chase for very long, they can and will reel you in. Should you be chased and/or charmed, you will find that this is very short lived by enough time to attach their hooks and keep you firmly stuck in their clutches with little further effort from this predator.

I hope the chameleon forgives me for assigning my analogy to this little lizard.

My assertion is this;

They have honed their skills for generations and understand you, of human qualities,  very well. They do not possess your human qualities, but are aware of them and will use them against you. In order to get you they will, without any further thought, blend/merge with their background (background being family, friends, businesses, medical, governments etc.) and you will be left not knowing which part is safe and which part is just the MN/Narcissist.

Watch the shifting inconsistencies, be aware that you are – if in their company – marked as prey, know that they play the long game.

Stay in the company of those who develop gradually over time, who have routines and beliefs that could change but only with some pretty powerful persuasion while remaining respectful to others and trust in those who don’t attack you when you feel safe.

My next post will be about having a sexual relationship/partnership with a MN/Narcissist.