Please Try to Remember

by annedeloremusing

I may be writing about this, a very heavy topic and at times quite hard (when discussing past happenings) but please try to remember that I lead a very busy and loving life. I have other hobbies, other dreams, other interests.

It is natural, on first discovering just what you have been a part of, to become obsessed by it. This, is part of the process. However, please try to remember to fill the rest of your time with things that make you smile, things that you love, things that love you and laugh…please, don’t lose your laughter.

You have spent your life immersed in it, please try not to spend the rest of your life chasing it.

Listen to your self and know when it is time to move on and fill that gap with things you find joyful.

You now have your life all to yourself, ask yourself what you would like to do and go and do it with enthusiasm…you will be amazed at just how much fun you will have.


All the best