Why the Abuse is So Successfully Hidden/Marginalised within the MN/Narcissist Sphere

by annedeloremusing

“The complexity is embedded within our world view and how (we believe and also how it actually does) it views us.


Being in love with these creatures there is only the hamster wheel.

They are the swan above the water and you are the feet below, furiously peddling to keep her/him afloat.  This is what the world views – only the swan, not your hard effort.

Do not think for one moment that the world sees your efforts; your efforts are hidden. You will be reprimanded for not peddling hard enough by this swan when in private; the private time that should be taken to soothe and express and reciprocate mutual love and solidarity.”


The previous post focussed on being in love with a MN/Narcissist.

This post will now focus on how MN/Narcissists manage to keep the abuse secret and remain successful.

This will include MN/Narcissists within our external world as Higher Authorities (businesses, governments, medical world, charities etc.) , as well as our one to one relationships (families, friends, colleagues, partners etc.)

The two paragraphs found at the start of this post in quotations are the key behind continued abuse and success.

Let us start on grand scale then shrink the analogy down to one to one relationships.

I asserted within an earlier post, here, that due to their complete loyalty towards their own truth path (that of being MN/Narcissist) they will ultimately flourish and thrive. They will, due to their pathology, be a success within any facet of   Higher Authority that they choose. Because you are their opposite, you will find that you provide them with everything that they need to thrive and sustain. You are their host, remember.

About the only time you will see destruction will be (as stated within my first post) when they completely annihilate the opposite (and therefore, themselves – no opposite, no host, nothing to live on) or if all good people cut off their contact from MN/Narcissistic areas.

The latter means; pin pointing and isolating all companies, supermarkets, governments, charities, banks, teaching establishments, families, medical, suppliers, etc. etc. etc.

Pin pointing and isolating all MN’s within these establishments and isolating their Narcissists that they have collected to act as their foot soldiers. Pin Pointing the Character Disordered within these establishments and providing effective healing therapy so that they are allowed to re connect with their own truth path before it was so violently corrupted by the MN/Narcissists in their life.

Now, this – even to me – is an incredulous answer to our problem. Unless we perform a computer re start on the world (like my own individual one), then it must be left to the realm of pure idealist fantasy.

Within Establishments, it is fairly evident to see that the vast majority of establishments operate from a stance of MN.

What does this mean to you, the good person?

Should you be employed by one of these establishments, then I can imagine that you are run ragged, drained, in personal conflict, running a dual personality (corporate BS vs, personal ethical world view), working long hours as your salary remains the same or decreases, made to believe that your personal life is within their rights to investigate and use against you (facebook sackings anyone?), Human Resources that hold file after file on you, medical demands, slashed pay should you fall ill, very little benefits while demanding huge loyalty to them, corporate re shuffles at a whim, hire and fire (through countless loop holes), constant testing on your loyalty through in house ‘learning’, divide and conquer within teams as people are encouraged to snitch, compete, push down, their fellow collegues – to become the ‘golden child’ of establishment being the goal for most or at the very least, ignored to just get on with earning a salary (this usually never happens though, you get enmeshed one way or another)  and all under the umbrella of ‘there are plenty of people out there who can replace you’.

You require a salary to provide for your living costs (and family, should you have one) but it ends up costing you greatly. The mob family model runs these establishments (where all ‘wealth’ – knowledge, power, monetary, influence etc. –  is filtered upwards) and no one is of equal value, not even peers.

Living in a world such as this; it will come to pass that it infiltrates family dynamics. You live in malignancy long enough and it will rub off on you.


Because, we the citizen, view the world and we can see in a multitude of examples that the more Malignant the establishment, the more success it reaps from the world. What these establishment give out is minute in comparison to what they take – and they only give out just enough to keep, you the good person, pacified. Furthermore, there are a plethora of other establishments out there that encourage this kind of malignancy in order to gain benefit from the rewards.

Imagine the Malignant establishment as the Swan. Its workers and patrons its legs. You, the viewer, see the success of the Swan – gliding about displaying itself – no one (unless you are employed by them) sees the legs furiously peddling while under threat of dismissal (or any of the above that I have stated). Patrons consume from these Swans, making the world view hold on to the belief that this model works, and works very effectively.

Should abuses of power be shown (i.e using children work shops abroad, mass buying of land in a country where land is at a minimum so that no competitor can set up shop, using free labour while reaping huge profits etc.) then of course there will be an outcry however, it will only be when it can’t be ignored. People are generally good, but there will always be a reason to ignore/turn a blind eye to it – that of how useful said company is for their own survival.

Workers will always continue to work for these types of companies, the wheels will always continue in successful motion because there is absolutely nothing in this world that promotes and sustains – in as much of a successful manner – non exploitation.

Within families, MN/Narcissitic power reigns so successfully to the detriment of the family because;

1. Family Higher Authorities are the only means of survival for children. Children need to trust in their Higher Authorities to survive and if this is turned on them then it is only natural for a child to blame themselves for the dysfunction.

2. Outwardly, MN/Narcissitic families look extremely together. This is due to conditioning, it is too much of a risk for a child to not committ fully to the unit.

3. If there are any outwardly facing dysfunction, then it is usually blamed on the lower rungs of the family ladder and the blame is never taking by the HA’s. Ostracized or punished, either way, this public show of recrimination usually allays the outwardly facing world concerns.

4. The figure heads are usually always gloriously turned out and seem to drive the unit to success within their chosen facet of the world (religion is one such facet).

Should you compare these points with how HA’s and their establishments work, you will most probably find a running theme. The observers of each (observers looking at a MN family or observers looking at an establishment) see success and assist with the sustainability of this success by applauding it.

It is this superficial surface of glossy success that manages to hide/marginalise abuse. We, as a whole, celebrate success and it really doesn’t matter how that success is achieved or at what cost. If the figure heads (of any type of HA) look the part and ‘look’ like they are providing to their sub ordinates, while attaining success and making it mutually beneficial to all then what happens at a deeper level is of no concern.

We have all been basically conditioned to believe that if harm from a HA happens then it is because we created it and we must be punished for it. Which means, why would anyone proclaim it to be an abuse?

You have no right to state that you are working too hard, not being seen as an individual, not being of any other value but how much you can do for others, not allowed opinions, not allowed to object or deny, not allowed boundaries of privacy etc. You are part of a collective and you are only allowed to stay within the assigned role unless another role is needing to be filled for the HA’s continued success.

It is very rarely that the observer will see the abuse because the abuse is so deeply ingrained within our own societal structure that while we may say “Oh the children!” should we hear of child abuse, we will then go to work and be abused and plundered ourselves – to perhaps pay for our own children’s way through life.

The world view relies on success to keep the world turning; how we view what the signs of success are, perhaps, needs to be changed before we can truly pin point HA’s attacks on those who can’t get out.

I assert that moving past the Glorious Swan sheen of super white feathers  and seeing how fast they move through the water, will be a sure fire indicator of something very, very wrong. If there are many callouses on the feet and none on the Swan, see the cost of success.

Finally, know that each and every single one of you are part of a MN cycle – to what extent, is up to you to discern.

Abuse of power is marginalised ‘kept hush, hush’ both within establishments and at grass root level. This is because the need for image and success is far more important than a cog. Remember, you work as a unit within the mob style operandi and success at any and all costs while keeping a shiny image to be admired and supported is key to the ‘business’ plan.

There are some success stories, of the regular Joe, who stood his ground and won and this is to be admired. However, should you speak to the regular Joe and look into his eyes, you will see the price it cost him to gain justice and/or his own success.

Until we change what it means to be successful, until we understand that we are truly never free but given limited freedom within the box, until we stand with the person wronged and not ‘sit on the fence’ , until we see through the sheen and believe in the callouses, until our needs do not supersede other peoples need for basic rights then we will forever be part of the growing problem that is the MN sphere.