The End

by annedeloremusing

My time is over.

The final hurdle has been crossed and I am listening to see if there is anything more that I need to write about. There is silence. My heart no longer beats the rhythm of what I need to write.

For me, that means I have fully come to terms with everything.

I have reached full awareness, I know all the signs, and I am fully equipped now to take on any ‘attack’ on me and my truth path.

I am aware but I can move on knowing that with my awareness, I will be able to pass through without the harm that I had before.

There will always be threats but I have fresh eyes, clean heart and a renewed soul.

This is the end of my past.

I wish you all well. Be good, be kind and be honest with yourself and others. Continue your battle to claim your life back, raise awareness within yourself and have faith in your truth path.

Show faith in it, be loyal to it, listen to it. It will be the best, most protective and most loyal  friend you will ever have.

See you around.