A Return of Some Sorts

by annedeloremusing

Ok, I have had a few emails asking me to continue. Here is where one of my vulnerabilities show up.

I have plenty more to say (the things I have spoken about are more in line with a form of spiritual guidance, rather than my own personal experience) its just I was worried that it would then fall into the ego sphere…I want you, the reader, to have faith in your own intelligence and truth path rather than read anything specific that I have to say, have to direct.

The people I have met through this blog have asked me to continue which means what I am saying is of help to others. If I am of use to others going through the same thing then I will continue.

What I will do, because the soul side has stopped with its messages for now, is go by whatever is searched on or emailed or commented…you decide what I speak about.

I didn’t want anyone to think that I have abandoned them during their time of awakening, I am so sorry that I made you feel that way. I just followed what was felt by me to be said and then I finished. However, lets keep the discussion going but in a more open manner.

My apologies, friends. I think I was probably a bit cold in stopping so suddenly, that in itself was egotistical – damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I think.

The floor is yours. Tell me what is on your mind and I will speak about it.