Getting Even with a Malignant Narcissist

by annedeloremusing

A reader asked me about having a teenager who is a Malignant Narcissist.

I promise that I will produce a post that explores and discusses this.

‘Getting even with a MN’ has come up in my site and this, to me, is something I must speak about immediately because of the severe risks it poses to the person who has suggested it.

I hope the reader who asked about the teen MN understands.

Reader, who asked about how to get even with a MN, please listen to me. Please email me further so we can discuss it. Please, don’t do anything – don’t do anything harmful.

You have quite clearly reached your limit of being pushed about, abused, warped, degraded, humiliated. You may have lost your job by them, you may have lost your friends by them, you may have lost most of your life by them and just woken up, you may have loved or you may quite simply have a neighbour who just wants to give you rubbish all day, every day.

Just because you are a good person does not mean you can not harbour deep feelings of revenge and retribution.

What I want for all you, including myself, is some sort of huge cosmic karma payback towards these monsters. I honestly am waiting for these beasts to fully pay (within this lifetime, within the time that I am here) for the travesty they have created. I am waiting for the day when people who are not related, to stand up and take control.

I am waiting for those who are sitting on the fence (thinking they are doing the best, when in fact they are just doing Switzerland) to stand up and be counted.

Getting even with a MN is not possible; they have no off switch, they will never understand and they will never submit. They follow their own truth path. You follow yours.

By trying to find a way to get revenge means you are veering away from your truth path. They may do this kind of thing naturally, but it is not in your nature do so.

I say this with deep trepidation, because if anyone tried to harm my son I honestly don’t know what I would do. I don’t know if my allegiance to my truth path would overtake my love for protecting my son.

Its all subjective.

I have said to everyone that if anyone interferes with my boy I will rip their heart out and then turn myself in.

Now, there is quite a few a things wrong and right with this statement.

The first one is the obvious violence and my son losing his mother to prison.

The second is I have strayed from my truth path and entered the world they had primed me for from the start.

The third, I will no longer be able to protect him while I am locked up.

I honestly don’t know how I will react. So far, what I have done is cut off everyone and anyone who poses a damage to my child. I may be alone (apart from my partner and maybe my sister, will need to see how she turns out). This is the best I can do just now but I am actually fearful about how far I will take protecting my son and how much it will corrupt me.

I don’t want to judge you for wanting revenge or getting even. Jesus, it haunts me every day wanting to make each and every single one of them pay. I think I would honestly be able to raise my head just that little bit higher and move within this world in a bit more confidence than I am doing if I knew the people who harmed me were being publicly held to account and punished.

Now what I have to deal with is people who harmed me living all over the world and more than able to interfere with my world whenever they wish. Gifts when my son was born, abusers living and thriving while we live in poverty, parents too self involved to protect their own brood.

Ive lived it, I am living it, I want to kill it, like they have tried to kill me. But, I cant. There is something within me that won’t allow it. Probably why I tried to destroy myself.

Myself. Am leaving it because its not myself anymore…its my family. My child.

You cant get even with a MN, you can only try and fall into their world. You fall into it and you will get some form of retribution but you will not win because it is not your truth path.

If you can walk away, do so.

If you have heaps of evidence, then charge but know they work on the long game.

If its your parents, only you know what to do.

Keep lots of written evidence, try not to chase them (which I know is hard if they have hurt you), and build yourself up.

I can not implore you enough not to get even. Get justice, by all means, but through the right avenues and this takes time.

The thing is, Im not going to be a hypocrite, I protect and will fight for my family. But, I know these things will now be future things because I have cut off the present things.

Just know…you will never be able to ‘get even’…all you will be left with is lowering yourself. How much of a price you pay for this is up to you and I will never judge you.

I know when I will do it and I know when I wont.

You touch my child and I will delve fully into what they have taught me and deal with the consequences.

If there is a God, I will fight him too. There is no forgiveness when it comes to harming my child and I expect no salvation for torturing those who may feel they can hurt them.

This is why I am worried about when people say they want to get even…because they have no switch off, no limits, it means that you need to have no limits – and you do, which is why you are good …if it crosses every thing you have every held dear then what? take the risk that things will understand? That the universe will understand that you are protecting you child….I dont know

Don’t do it – getting even – for spiteful reasons.

For me, I won’t bother with getting even as that is self absorbed and ego driven. What I may do is, not get even but tap in to all the MN training they instilled in me (which I rejected) and destroy them.

To my eternal hell.

But as long as my boy is safe I will do it to my sacrifice.

My family are still here, they are far removed from our life so as long as that stays then we are fine.

Omg reader, you do not realise how much I feel your pain~!  I want retribution for everything they have done!

If you are single then let it go and be good …if you have children then jesus, its so hard right?