by annedeloremusing

Readers, I think it will take me more time than I had previously said before I can offer a post to you. 

During my absence I have been following a thought that occurred to me that required further investigation from myself. 

I am currently exploring the thought I have which is pretty much running throughout my entire blog. 

The MN Era. Natural Selection. Formation of a new stage to human evolution due to the MN Era.

Specifically, I am exploring the connection between MN’s as Higher Authorities and Autism. 

Higher Authorities both on the macro and micro level. I have stated earlier that the world view upholds MN as successful. This then trickles down to the micro (parental/peer level) so that it becomes embedded within ? Our Geneology? Our Psyche? Our Evolution of humanity?

Has it become embedded to the degree that we are now seeing an increase in Autism (full spectrum) – the new Darwins finch? 

This is an incredibly controversial topic – more controversial than any of my previous posts and I am more than willing to engage with anyone about it. 

I am researching and will see how it goes. 

Thank you for your patience