Autism Link Inquiry

by annedeloremusing

It was both a blessing and a hindrance when I found myself financially unable to maintain a broadband connection.

Precisely at the time of stating that I felt that there was a connection between the Autistic spectrum and the MN Era – and declaring that I needed to do some research to see where it may lead – my partner and I had to make the decision to bypass payment of ‘luxury’ items in order to pay for necessity.

The frustration of not being able to connect to my new friends, readers and interested parties as well as the wasted time, knowing that I needed to research but was unable to do so due to the disconnection of internet, was quite obvious. However, it gave me some time to take a step back and work through some of it with trust in my own mental faculties and intuition.

I have spent the past month living my life but always with the view of seeing if my connection between the Autism Spectrum and MN/Narcissism was a valid one and exactly how they were connected.

The main query that I had was – what is the difference between ‘functioning’ Autism (namely, Aspergers) and Malignant Narcissism? In fact, is there a difference between the two should you be a victim from either one?

If we were to separate the two then what is it that defines one from the other and once defined, should we accept one form of abuse as unintentional and punish/disown/be angry against the one that was intentional.

This then led me on to the fact that I have already asserted that MN’s are simply doing – they are simply following their own truth path. Something which we are all trying to do and something which we are all keen to follow but it seems that MN’s have the opportunity to capitalise on at this moment in time.

My queries then followed the path of definition.

My first line of thought immediately tried to differentiate them with accountability. However, neither claims to hold any so that needed to be put to one side.

The next; malicious intent. While one has been socially (albeit via the media) held as having no malicious intent and the other has, I am still wary of declaring that this is the case. I have had personal experience of being in a working relationship with a person who stated that they had Asperger’s and believe me, it was pretty similar experience I have had with MN’s.  Both led me to think that they are nasty, evil but the latter gave me pause for thought based on the widely held belief that it is a neurological condition.

So the absolute charm and honesty, followed by the pillaging of my talents, labour, ideas and loyalty, then the smashing of me as a person to my very core may represent MN’s but I walked away incredibly upset with no further recrimination on them because that person had ‘Autism’. Although, there has been court cases against those who have Asperger’s but, I would hazard a guess, were only when HA’s were under threat.

Malicious intent means to cause ‘harm intentionally’. To cause harm intentionally is to be aware of others as non extensions to yourself and also show awareness of others points of view – an awareness and use of, empathy.

Now, when it is stated in this way then it would be hard to declare that any MN has malicious intent because not one single person/object/plant/animal exists outside of being an extension to the MN.

MN’s therefore, see no other point of view. Have no empathy and can not walk from the point of someone else’s perspective because of the first premise – there only exists them, everything else is an extension.

This can be taken on the macro level down to the micro.

They will never apologise for the harm done as, I have stated earlier, they are following their truth path and therefore have nothing to apologise for. They are doing precisely what we are trying to do just on the flip side of the coin.

The next, awareness. Again, awareness is as only as good as the person removed from the situation and person doing. Sure, people bleet on about being ‘self aware’ but one can only be self aware from the basis of one’s own mind, heart, agenda, sub conscious and desires – not to mention, environment from the stance of personal experience and prejudices.

So, not one single one of us can be sure that one is self aware to the point that we are always aware of never causing harm and/or living in a non harmful manner. Perhaps, this can be a line of thought to follow up on but for now I disregarded self awareness as the differentiating factor between MN and Autism. Awareness of others, however, is a point to keep in mind.

Could it be hate? I disregarded this because from my experience, hate can be found within us all.

As hate stems from fear, I then looked at fear in all of its facets. Specifically, I analysed fear from the survival perspective.

We are all survivors. We will all do what need’s to be done in order to survive, but we all have our limits. There will always be something that is more powerful than you and in turn, something that is weaker than you. There is a fundamental balance in this. It keeps us all in check, so to speak. When our time to move on comes, it will be because we have met our more powerful opposite.

Perhaps cancer, perhaps a person, perhaps ourselves after transforming and relinquishing to our opposite?

In order to maintain the balance and universal order we must protect the things that are ‘weaker’ while learning from their ‘strengths’ that we do not have. Reciprocal order.

We can not have the arrogance to think that we are at the top of every pecking order and/or believe that we can do what we want when we find ourselves in company with those that are deemed ‘weaker’.

I also found that there was no switch off in either one. There was no rest period, no down time and no present moment. They both played the long game.

So far as my thoughts were going, I realised that I had the following words;

No accountability

No Malicious Intent (as there exists no theory of others mind)

No awareness of others

No empathy


Corrupting of those seen as ‘weaker’

No switch off

My line of thought then took this path;

Could it be that Autism (functioning) and MN are one and the same?

Could it be that the MN Era is in fact, the Autism Era?

Could it be that the words that I was struggling to find was in fact Feelers and Thinkers?

Could the battle be between The Feelers and The Thinkers? The Opposites.

We are out of balance, with the Thinkers tipping it,  but each are of equal importance and our increasing in pain felt is because of this?

At the edge of being eradicated for the beginning of a new stage in human evolution but with the knowledge that should the Feelers die out then the Thinkers will die out too. We need the balance, we need each other but we need to find a way to live in harmony and balance.

I have never for one second denied that the harm caused by these creatures to us is something we should just get over because they were doing what is their natural path. I will say that because most HA’s are headed and run by MN’s then full justice will never be served.

Until we, the Feelers, infiltrate HA’s and become the Thinkers Conscious and Empathy while learning from their immense gift to calculate and operate – then we will be eradicated.

I would hazard a guess that should you have been a victim to MN/Narcissist behaviour you are an extremely sensitive person. The reason why you are pin pointed and groomed for abuse is because you radiate sensitivity.

I have asserted that if you are too sensitive then it will be detrimental to your well being. If you are too unsensitive (using a word based from the sensitive perspective) then it will be detrimental to your well being – eventual destruction    because of the destruction you created.

There will never be a balance when we hold MN as supreme in the macro and micro sense. Equally, there will never be a balance should we hold sensitivity as supreme.

I do think that there is a link between Autism and MN and I will be coming back to this line of thought – evolving it, dismissing some, enhancing others. However, after this length of time away, I was keen to deliver a post to you so that you may be in touch with my line of enquiry when I last thought about ‘MN Teens’ (last post request from a reader).

I humbly offer it to you, in all of its crudeness, and welcome insight, comments and complaints. This helps me to tighten things from angles I haven’t experienced.

Duality is the key; how we accomplish this, is one to deliberate on.

Reciprocality…hold on to that.

Edit: Another thing that I have been querying/analysing; If the link (assuming that I am right) can be found within Autism as being a by- product of MN/Narcissism on the macro and micro level or vice versa.

My next post will be a personal one. Specifically, re connecting with my parents.