My Brother and I, con’t

by annedeloremusing

My previous post was initially to exemplify a cross road moment and how he went down the right path, for his own well being. It then, as life would have it, turned into a tale of feeling deceived and wondering if my brother had followed the wrong path.

I am happy to inform you that he had two choices put before him – one would have been the choice his old self would have chosen and the other the choice of a changed, good man – and he chose to follow his word.

He pleaded guilty, used my sister and I’s original letters and told the solicitor that he didn’t want his sisters to stand up in court and he wanted to take full responsibility and deal with the consequences. He thanked me in a text saying that I had done more than he deserved and whatever happens, he will continue to turn his life around and rid himself of old conditioning.

He received a fine and has to see a Social Worker in order to make sure that he is what he presented himself as, a product of his past and now no longer living by the codes of old.

That was his biggest test, a universal test to see if he would revert back or follow his truth path. He faltered, but found his way…found his conscience. Throughout his life he will be faced with many more tests, for the devil never gives up on you once he has had you.

My advice to him and to anyone who has found their truth path after a long period of darkness; Whenever you are presented with a situation, you will feel a dull thudding or sharp pain…your body will physically react, letting you know something isn’t right – that you need time out to think about it.

Step back, take a day or two and think about which choice will make you feel more at ease in the long term. When I know something is terribly wrong, or I am being deceived or a situation is against what I stand for but I haven’t yet discovered exactly why – my heart feels like it expands and drops into my stomach, my hands start shaking and my breathing gets heavier.

I know now to follow this as a warning and to stand guard until I figure it out.

I normally declare that I smell a rat and it will only be a matter of time before I see it.

It is imperative that you take a step back, not make any rash decisions as these rash decisions will be made from your default; that of your past conditioned self. It will take time, a number of years (sometimes, one will always be aware but never fully overcome), depending on the extent of the conditioning, before your default is your truth path.

This means that you must step back and analyse anything that demands an action, decision, involvement from yourself towards another person.

Non MN/Narcissists will freely give you the time and space to decide.

If, for example, a decision must be made quickly (for example, my brother had only a day to decide how he was pleading) then give yourself as much time as possible removed from the environment….go for a walk, meditate, listen to your favourite music – anything but make sure its alone.

Dig deep and find the inner truth on what you must do then do not divert from that.

I am glad my brother chose the right path, he will find that from now on, his internal chaos will lessen and opportunities/people will start to present themselves in a positive manner. He will start to shine again.


My next post will centre around a query that I have had, regarding Narcissistic Fathers. I hope it is of some help to you.