Malignant Narcissists in Action – Syria War

by annedeloremusing

I have just spent the morning reading some of the online articles about Syria and it has actually brought tears to my eyes.

The UK Prime Minister and Parliament are currently in ‘talks’ about whether they should join the USA against Syria, after a chemical attack on Syria citizens by those in Syrian power.

There is quite clear evidence that the attack has happened, as our tv screens are filled with shrouded bodies lining their streets, but what isn’t clear is who did it.

I make a concerted effort to avoid the news and political happenings such as this because it upsets me too much to watch it, however, I am very concerned that should the UK and US attack Syria then we will be entering a World War and it won’t go well for us.

Syria has played on my mind now for a few years, I knew not why nor do I even know where it is but I knew that there was danger there – a danger for us. A huge danger for us.

It is absolutely awful what has happened to these citizens, but it is something that is happening throughout the world (not necessarily chemical attacks, but the wilful destruction of its citizens for power) and one wonders why the UK are so hell bent to get involved in this when on the grander scheme of things, death of citizens by Higher Authorities is something everyone (including the UK and its own citizens) generally turns a blind eye to.

I have read that should the UK and US attack then it will invoke rebuttal from Russia and Iran and quite possibly China, to name but a few huge super powers.

I don’t know, on purpose, the technicalities behind each countries involvement with another – however, the general pattern is; if you have a natural resource or an ally of a natural resource, then you will be targetted in a frame up situation. The accumulation of natural resources and therefore, power, is something that has never changed. What has changed is that our war technology has advanced to such a degree that no one will be safe.

The Malignancy within each country is one that will only attack another country should it need something. So, what is it that Syria has that the US and UK need/want?

The polls here in the UK say that over 3/4’s of those polled are against this attack and still our parliament put on the facade that they are deciding what to do…with the US moving into position as I type. I noted elsewhere that a ‘decision’ must be made by Friday so that an attack can happen by Monday – this hardly bodes well for a peaceful turn around.

I don’t know the answer but what I do know is this is a terrifying situation we are entering and one we must take very seriously.