Malignant Narcissists in Action – Syria Con’t

by annedeloremusing

My mind is fully focused on the Syria Crisis right now, so for the time being, I will be writing about this.

It is important for me to note, that my heart goes out to all of the innocent civilians who are living and breathing terror and death within their own country. I honestly can not imagine, in its entirety, how these civilians are coping with the imbedded terror – everyday imparting a new horror.

All I can do is imagine what it would be like for my family and I should my country turn into a war zone.

It is important to remember that what the government and media says about ‘The Big Bad Countries and our Enemy‘ is exactly what these citizens are being fed about us.

These leaders of each country are the ones who propagating war at every opportunity because they want power – power of natural resources, power of numbers, power through rule.

Citizens of each country – within the US, UK, China, Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (and every other country in this world) – just want to get on with life and generally have no ill feeling towards people from other countries and would welcome you with open arms should one ever knock on their door.

People are naturally generous, kind, helpful, open and altruistic – it is our Higher Authorities (media, government, law makers, religious heads etc.) that are warping our perspectives to suit their own needs.

It doesn’t matter to the general lay person if one is Muslim, Christian, Chinese, English, Scottish, Canadian, Scientologist, Male, Female, Transgender, Bisexual, Gay…it doesn’t matter to us on a personal natural level, but it suddenly does matter when our Higher Authorities twist it so it then affects us.

The ones/groups that have hate in their heart regarding others are the very ones who have sold their truth become a foot soldier. They have bought into the Malignancy and thrive, wanting a piece of the pie to themselves. They will do everything in their power to whip up hostility and will aid and abet Higher Authorities to persuade you that your truth is wrong.

When it starts to affect us, when the small amount of freedom and benefits that we have is degraded even further (and who has degraded these freedoms previously, one might need to ask?), then we agree that our Higher Authority is correct about their assertion that ‘they’ are the enemy and diverts us from the real truth – that of, triangulation for more power.

The true enemy is the Malignant Narcissists at the helm – the ones who are pushing with all of their might and power to go to war with Syria.

I say this because of the following;

The UK government has voted against our leaders wishes for an attack, but only by a small majority. A small enough number for the leader and his backers to initially feign defeat but with every intention to come back next week and over ride it.

I believe that they have every intention to join US (the US are in position and have publicly stated that they are going to follow through) but had to give the facade of ‘listening to the people’.

I think that Monday will be the day that it starts to turn around – something will happen that will ‘prove’ to the UK population that our leader was in fact right, and our national security is at risk and we were to naive think in peaceful terms. This ‘proof’ will be a set up, a twisting but it will be enough to over turn that small majority and also over turn a majority of the population who are right, but will now be fed mis information.

Mis information being; yes, a certain incident did happen, yes it does now affect our security but no, it was not done by who your Higher Authorities are saying it is.

The wheels have been in motion for years. Remember, I asserted that MN’s play the long game and I also asserted that majority consent does not necessarily equal the truth within Malignant Narcissist rule.

Single people are smart, groups are dumb. Which is why we can all opinion-ate but will very rarely rise as a group against.

These civilians are as much victims to their Higher Authorities as we are from our own. Of course, once we the west attacks, all they will see is an assault from those ‘villians’ their own HA’s have twisted them into believing. And yes, they will view us (in general) as the enemy.

And we are, as they will be (have been) to us. But, that is only because of the games of illusion and deception our leaders are playing in order to gain power, control and resources.

We are all pawns and our gullibility to see physical evidence as proof enough to determine who did it means that we will all be dragged into a war – on the most part willingly.

Keep your initial reaction to this war close to your heart. Your initial reaction is the truth. Erosion of that truth into a contrived ‘truthlie’ is a process that is happening as I type.

None of us are enemies, each of us care for others but our cognitive dissonance (after years and years of blindly following HA’s) means that we will eventually help  in the annihilation of other countries and indeed, our own.

Do not for one minute believe that our leaders are doing this for a moral code. They have each played part in atrocities equaling and/or greater than this chemical attack. I would even suggest that this chemical attack was set up by those purporting to be the moral judge and jury.


Our leaders are figure heads – figure heads for the Administrators, the ones who turn the Malignant Wheels.

Look to the news between the lines, see the demise of independent Investigative Journalism and the rise of shiny (swan) media.

See also that the citizens within our countries and others do not naturally want to hurt others, regardless of our beliefs/gender/vulnerabilities.

Our willingness to believe truthlies is due to having lived within Malignancy for so long.

I will take this opportunity to further remind you what a truthlie is;

The truth is what you see/witness before you – the end result. The lie is who, what, where and when. The TruthLie is merging the end truth and the foundational lie of who, what, where and when into a ‘truth’ that satisfies an agenda set by those in power.

This can be seen at grass roots level – between siblings by their parents and on a wider global scale – between country citizens and the leaders.

I believe that wheels have been in motion towards attack for some time now and individually, each person within this country and the next, knows exactly what is going on and for what reasons. I also believe that a full attack will happen. I further believe that this war (ongoing) between the ‘west’ and ‘Islam’ is a farce – the war is a war about resources.

I will do my best to sound like a conspiracy theorists – another group which has been scapegoated and ridiculed –  but what I will say is, really look to see where the tensions arise from, where the actual source is and who creates it.

See behind the superficial and look at the true source.

We are all triangulated, gas lighted and scapegoated and while we are busy actively fighting within and against each other, the true source of these Malignant tactics are preparing for a potential world war.

The bankers got away with destroying our economy and the Higher Authorities managed to avert by pointing the finger at the disabled, vulnerable, low income earners and women. We are now busy attacking those we should be protecting.

The same tactics run throughout our entire society and until enough people manage to discern and stand firm, then we will carry on self regulating torture and low living standards while thanking these false prophets for protecting our eroding standards and security from ‘the enemy’.


I have written to my politician and he assures me that he informed me that he is against the attack. But, what else can one do? What can we do? Protests are fast becoming criminal offences, voting for another leader when they are all the same is pointless and instructions on how you want your taxes to be used is an impossibility.

The only thing that is still available to us (and this too, will change) is our freedom within the internet. So, that is what I will do.

Until we have a society built upon integrity, responsibility, leadership through these qualities and move within this world from a place of equality then unfortunately our society will remain sick.

We are lending a hand to our demise because it seems safer to follow in ignorance than lead in courage.

Do not look to your fellow peers for the blame – look above at the mob rule.

Stay close to your truth and verbalise it as much as you can, write about it, and never submit to the devious soul less charms of those who propagate the abuse against you while pretending they are your protectors.