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Narcissism, especially Malignant Narcissism, an overview

Month: March, 2014

Temporary Break

I am currently a few days away from giving birth and have decided to take a break from writing here for a while.

This pregnancy hasn’t been an easy one, having been made physically disabled for quite a number of months. This has made my main coping mechanism when feeling overwhelmed, unobtainable (that of walking for miles through nature) and therefore further tested my tenacity and inner strength to get through daily challenges.

I hope to return as soon as I feel 100%


In the meantime, I wish you all well and remember that each and every single one of you have all the knowledge and power you need within – try and focus on placing more belief in it. I know that you can overcome.


Good Luck and Take Care,





Destructive Narcissism in Organisations

Reblogged for my readers perusal


Malignantly narcissistic leaders damage the mental health of their employees, undermine the effectiveness of their organisations, and, collectively, threaten the well-being of society. At a moment in history when sane leadership is needed to overcome the daunting challenges we face, it is a measure of the gullibility of the rest of us that we continue to believe that we need mentally disordered individuals to run our most important organisations.   

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