Relation between Malignant Narcissism and cPTSD/PTSD

by annedeloremusing

Having briefly read over a few of my posts, I realise that I have left many questions unanswered. One such question, was that of the correlation between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Malignant Narcissism and its derivatives.

This was a question posed to me by a reader within my c-PTSD post. I will now explain how the two are related.

Before I continue, I must remind my readers that I do not necessarily follow the psychological structure – I may use the terminology, but this is only because people have more general understanding of these terms and what they mean – for use in the general sense only. This makes understanding easier should I use these terms rather than using or creating my own. I do agree that there exists these pathologies and illnesses but I believe these to co exist and be created by, MN’s – both externally and within the psychiatric field.

PTSD. Should we break this down it would mean; after trauma to the senses, mind and body the stress of processing, re aligning yourself and moving on thus  creating an imbalance in your character . Within the sphere of the spirit (soul, truth path, natural life path for humans or whatever you feel most comfortable labelling depending on your belief system) it is severe trauma to your natural inward sense that all of humanity (from the soul perspective) should hold love, nurture and protection (in a reciprocal manner) at the forefront of any human progression (and therefore, soul progression) and the battle faced there on in with coping with the reality that the human path holds many things that will challenge this. It will question you on a daily basis, asking in its many special ways, just how much you value the soul belief of progression.


Both are permanent  changes to the recipient’s actual being (perspective, value base, personality) but neither need to be the end of you and your truth path. It can be an incredible life changing process but this is not what someone needs to hear should they have PTSD as while you are in the storm, one very rarely thanks their lucky stars while their ‘home’ is being annihilated.

Trauma is, in effect, everything and anything that assaults your very core and its ripples touch every layer of your being – both physically and non physically.

Trauma can arise via direct or indirect means. A soldier fighting in battle, a passer by witnessing a brutal attack, a car crash, an abusive partner/parent, a random drunk lashing out at you as you stand in a queue, a fire killing dozens with the firemen left standing knowing that this time they could do nothing.

It is an assault and as such, you will be traumatised. As a result, you will be severely affected and it will manifest itself in a plethora of ways. All of which will follow the Grief Process, to a greater or lesser degree. You will be affected but how you are affected and how it manifests itself is entirely dependent on your own value system.

Should you hold animals in higher regard than man, then generally you will find yourself more traumatised if your pet dog fell over dead than hearing about your neighbour doing the same.

Of course, that is a highly generalised example.

Should you be a person who holds humanity in high esteem and values love above all else then be witness to a cruel and sadistic crime towards another,  it would be fair to imagine the level of trauma this person will have to deal with.

Should you be a person who has cut off all emotions and sees nothing but utility, then it would be fair to imagine that such a person would already have a pre thought out judgement on the victim for when such atrocities occur in order to keep their own emotions locked up.

PTSD is generally treated via Psychiatry. It is more widely known as the by product of war. PTSD is a result of a one time trauma and that trauma incident – regardless of how horrifying,  how cataclysmic, who was involved, how many were involved, why it happened, where it happened, how old the person was when it happened, what your value system was at the time – will undoubtedly affect you for the rest of your life but it will also undoubtedly never happen again.

The person who has had trauma now has PTSD and it is then time for recovery and healing and re alignment. This stage will be intensive and scary, it will forever change your being but PTSD is so called because it is ‘Post’. It is a terrifying illness but as I stated in my earlier PTSD post, it is entirely necessary in order to expel that which you sponged up. You can recover through re adjustment while maintaining natural state of truth path.

c-PTSD. There is no foreseeable end, there are only small breaks and there is no full term post recovery period unless something miraculous happens and everything and anything connected to the attacker/s die out. It usually starts at childhood, it conditions and tries to create mirrored images of themselves (or destroys the victim if it cannot). The only time that person will enter into the ‘post’ recovery phase (which is horrific but necessary) will be when they get glimpses of reality removed from their attackers. It will be too short to fully start a recovery so the recovery mode changes from the PTSD standard one and it will be broken down into small pockets over a very long period of time.

It is usually recommended, on becoming aware, to cut off all contact with person/s change your name/address/phone number and enter into trauma therapy for a lengthy period.

People who have been traumatised since birth will be constantly battling with their inner truth (natural order) and the reality their attacker is conditioning onto them. It is a sustained and cognitive shifting attack that continues even when the attacker is not present; their all encompassing approach to brutality against another person is akin to vultures circling a man lost in the desert.

It is named complex because of the very complexities associated with genetics, conditioning, allies and cognitive dissonance associated with it, as well as its continued presence in the victims life even when the direct perpetrators have been long since buried. In direct perpetrators can and do continue the attack (With/without knowing it) by continuing to buy in to the attackers belief system regarding the victim. These people may love you but unfortunately it is very unlikely that they will change their belief system regarding your attackers/yourself because of the level of investment they undertook right from the start. It is far easier for a person to stand by their actions/lack of action over 40 years rather than stand up and admit they were blind.


Malignant Narcissism and its derivatives have managed to create a society whereby every single one of us are living in trauma (character disordered) to one extent or another. Our leaders/figureheads and Higher Authority constructs function under Malignant Narcissism operating systems. As I have stated previously, this has trickled down the hierarchy into the family structure and inter relationships. A disconnection – a corruption of loving interactions into interactions of fear, paranoia, scapegoating and self serving.

Both of these (PTSD and cPTSD) occur because they are symptomatic of going against the natural order of things; at a soul level. From a purely physical, human stance (should one not believe in the soul) both of these occur when our life and potentiality has been threatened and/or when we witness this happening to another (via our empathic sense). It can also happen when we witness it, thus reminding us that our life safety always hangs in the balance and it is by trusting others not to do harm that we are able to walk on this earth.

Trust is something we must all have from the moment we are born, until the day we die for our survival and success in life. We must trust our parents to care for us, must trust our leaders to do the same, must trust strangers on the street not to suddenly push us in front of a car, must trust our medicine men to improve our well being, trust our relationships to do whats best for us and on and on.

What makes us human, what makes us live a non trauma-ed life is when trust is maintained and reciprocal love, caring and humanity is imparted towards others and received. Of course, as we grow older we learn hard lessons which help us to understand that this is not always the case and over time we learn that there are some people (for whatever reason but generally because they could not cope with their own trauma environment) and/or human made structures/heirarchy (that have been, perhaps not necessarily created by MN’s, but most probably are run by MN’s at this present moment in time) that can not be trusted to hold us in a humanitarian regard.

There are certain areas that do require and indeed, have our implicit/non thinking trust for our survival – parental constructs, governmental constructs, religious constructs and medical constructs (teaching constructs used to hold as much power but it has slowly been eroded as Narcissism takes a hold – remember, change at a child level is the ultimate goal for MN’s). Should these constructs be our attackers then one’s entire world view will be under the microscope. We ultimately expect our inter relationship and leading constructs to be on par with how we interact in the world. If this does not happen, then we can fight it or we can immerse within it and become that which we hated.

Internalising the trauma and becoming that which one knows to be wholly sub human is the path one takes when one becomes a Narcissist (as discussed previously when discussing the 3 forms of Narcissism).

The relation between cPTSD and Narcissism is fundamentally driven by the consumer argument that I had stated at the very beginning of this blog. MN’s and their derivative’s are the ultimate consumers.

PTSD and cPTSD are symptoms of Narcissistic attack because MN/Narcissism are wholly and purely concerned with what they can take (not give) to others. Humans are ultimately concerned with reciprocal progression – trust is a foundation.

I have also noticed – by watching other family structures – that the person who the Narcissistic family has classed as mentally ill (for some reason it is Bipolar illness that they are diagnosed with) is the one who has been the scapegoat within that MN/Narcissistic family. That ‘ill’ person then becomes actually ill through low self esteem and a belief that what they have is the reason for their family to justify the treatment.

I have also noticed real physical illnesses as well as ‘mystery’ undiagnosed illnesses (pertaining to the physical body) being reported by people who are in constant contact with a MN/Narcissist. Manifestations such as Fibromyalgia  are real but a look at their environment, rather than their body/mind, should be the focus of health professionals when searching for cause (and potential cure).

I hope that I have sufficiently covered the co relation. Should you have any questions or need further clarity then please let me know.


Finally, I would like to thank you for the patience shown during my absence. I decided to focus on myself and my babies and enjoyed every minute of it. However, my learning never stopped and my own self progression continues.


I wish you all well and if I have not replied to any comments within my blog then please accept my apologies and let me know so that I can reply to you. I like to make sure that I respond to each and every single comment as they are all of value to me.