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I welcome any comments/suggestions/complaints either privately via my email address or publicly via the comments within posts. As long as everyone remains respectful (I will delete abusive comments regardless of whether the point being made is valid) and polite then I am more than open to a good debate.

Posts before the titled ‘The End’ are posts that I had felt inclined to write. My impression of the world we live in and what we can do to spread goodness so that the balance is re-aligned once more.

I thought that I had completed this blog once those posts were published, however, it has come to my attention that this blog has evolved towards being a blog led by those with questions.

I will now be a question led blogger. I look forward to seeing you here and giving thought to any question that you may have during your search.

Please remember; I am a mother and family person first and I have come to the end of my journey through my past. Nothing that you may say will trigger me but please remember those that may be still in that phase and be extra kind to them.  I will be diligent and thoughtful towards any question that you may have, which means it may take me some time to respond and post – I want to give you my full attention.


Thank you and I wish you well