Difference Between Malignant Narcissism and its Derivatives

I think that it is about time that I reviewed and explained this. In response to readers questions and requests. I hope this helps.

I have stated that it is my belief and opinion (via research and experiential viewpoint) that there is a marked difference between the two.

I have shown 3 categories to take into consideration when discussing the ‘hierarchy’ and ‘evolution’.

1. Character Disorders (with Narcissistic Defensive Qualities – shown either covertly or overtly). Lower rung

2. Narcissist (overt or covert). Middle rung

3. Malignant Narcissist. Upper rung

When looking at the dynamics working within structures, it is best to look at these like a triangle with 1. at the bottom and at the most numerous and 3. at the top with the least. However, it is 3. that wields the most power within any type of structure and therefore over rules the quantity vs. quality as power holders.

Based on my research, experiences and analysing societal structures, I have found that MN’s create 1. and 2. but it is environmental and conscious choice that creates a permanency from 1. to 2.

I have also found that this generally happens after consistent trauma (self induced or not, although the original trauma is always brought on by an external non material entity) and after what I call the cross road moment – usually between the ages of around 30 – 40.

This cross road moment is when the conscious self is made aware of the reality this person lives in and where it stems from – and most importantly, how it can be stopped/healed/recovered from/changed. It is at this point when the conscious self realises actual truths, actual harm caused or had caused to them, and the huge change in their life (both at a deep level and shallow one) if they want to change and get back on track (truth path) with a self less chaotic.

Sometimes the cost of doing this is too high and the eyes close back up and the memory shut back down and the auto goes back to default. But, because the consciousness has a taste of awareness (so to speak) then it takes a glory fight to shut down and it is this conscious push that makes your will bow down to the freedom you have to make each choice your own and a permanent Narcissist is born – as per your conscious request…with your sub conscious being actively fought against with each waking moment (hence, when people say that Narcissists are insecure/shamed/guilty/childlike etc. it is purely the battle that they witness, not a cry for help).

Of course, I empathise with the Character Disorders and the fear when faced with the actual truth and not the delusional ‘truthlie’ they previously lived in. However, my empathy stops when they consciously switch themselves off and become a Narcissist.

Character Disorders must be punished when doing anything harmful but must also be given chances to rehabilitate when they grasp the truth and want to change.

Narcissists, having memories of these chances (and subsequently choosing not to take them), use these to mimic and encourage empathy from others “I will change” becomes another tool for them in their objective to fool you and take, take, take.

The discernment must occur when trying to figure out which is which. Using your empathy in order to discern then becomes something which you must use without your own projection of empathy placed on to others through sentimentality.

Sure, Narcissists had a tough upbringing. Sure, they have had a rough ride. Sure, they look genuine when they are cornered and yes, they look tortured when faced with the consequences – but, feel, really feel just where this upset is being directed at and you will see that it is not directed at the victim but at themselves. It will be focussed and calculated. It will show no chaos (publicly) and it will be so rehearsed that there will be – should you care to look closely – no feeling in the eyes. The only thing that they are upset about is being caught out and most importantly, having this little inner voice (their original self) that just refuses to be quiet. If they could pay for this voice to be removed, they would – which is why the only thing that they truly envy is a Malignant Narcissist (in ‘human’ form and organisational structure form).

Character Disorders will do the same but there will be a small part of them that is ravaged at hurting a person or being hurt by other people – you will be able to see that …mainly through their own self harm. They will cause huge levels of destruction but it will be chaotic – just like them.

Do not ever take a Narcissists apology as being sincere. They never apologise for anything (except to themselves for being caught out), so if they do apologise then take this as pure mimicry and never a genuine one. Take it as a warning that they will increase their attack on you at a later date.

I have asserted previously that Malignant Narcissists are not human, in the sense of what I have asserted as being human and have been born this way. There is a definite ‘lack’ within these types and a certain ‘increase’ of those qualities we, the opposites, try continuously to overcome. Indeed, it is these qualities that they try and enhance within you and because of your shame of having them, can successfully capitalise on your silence.

It is also my assertion that you need to embrace both sides of your coin and get some perspective – embrace your murky and light as the human being that you are …a fully sentient being who has the fortune to be able to have all facets and still be able to walk in this world learning, reciprocating and loving. Progression through faults, progression through failures as well as successes, progression through humility in knowing that your weaknesses within this mortal body is also your greatest strength.

These types (MN’s) will never benefit from treatment (if there was such a thing) or rehabilitation because you can not change what ‘is’.

They are the creators of Character Disorders and Narcissists. They are the few who control the many and they will target at conception stage onwards to ensure that their legacy is strengthened like a virus – they are the ultimate consumers and they are currently winning in the overall balance of global infrastructure.

There is no such thing as a predominantly MN/Narcissist working area – every area that incorporates life, power and control will have MN’s at the helm (the ratio may differ but there is never a MN free arena today).

They have set presidences and rules and laws and created foot soldiers and multiplied and let it trickle down into the micro family unit. They have destroyed presently while looking to what needs to be in place to weaken the future for their gain.

It has become so ingrained and so natural that people who show compassion, fight for anything decent and fair are fought against harshly and with force.

Character Disorders, at pivotal moments in their development, are silenced through dumbing down of their truth by way of medications, alienation, en masse movements through laws and authority, and therapised by MN’s (and their foot soldiers) so that they are brow beaten to submit and transform into that which they fought against blindly until they fall in line and become a Narcissist – bowing to majority consensus and societal self regulation within the Malignant Machine.

Those who manage to break free spend their lives seeing, really seeing, but rarely finding an avenue that isn’t harvesting their opposite.

Castles are built and the truthfully analytical amoung us are permanently up against the triangulation, scapegoating and isolation – are constantly looking for ally’s while constantly staying on guard.

Truth is no longer a philosophical question left to those with the luxury of individual thought processes but a goal for those who wish for simplicity in living a life that is humble and theirs. Truth is now only for those who knows the risk can be as damning as a life terminated, teetering on the edge of sanity.

It is now a crime to be human, to produce humans, to have human failings, to love humanly and to fight for humanity.

Their legacy is your legacy, but in the opposite.

During this era, you will see transformations on a grand scale and within a small scale – choose your battles wisely and avoid searching for a fight.

Malignant Narcissists encompass each and every single facet Β that we deem to be sub human. Narcissists hone in on one or a few and over the years, strengthen them. Character Disorders try a bit of each on for size and use haphazardly, if only for effect (a scream for help).

The overall quality of MN is the many covered by the calm, dead eyes.

Look out for the mimicry and really listen to what comes out of their mouth.

I will try and continue this later but for now, I wish you well.